Landscape Design

Good garden design is fundamental in the development of any outdoor space to ensure it evolves over the years. Many garden styles come and go. It is important to be true to the style of the property and use products that are appropriate. One must tread carefully and be mindful not to choose products just because they are popular at the moment. Garden layout needs to take into consideration the people who will be using it. The space needs to be friendly to the eye, aesthetically pleasing but most of all functional. Plant selection and placement are critical in the design of a great outdoor space. Colour needs to be present throughout the year and a thorough knowledge of plant development is essential so that the garden once mature, delivers the desired outcome.

Mark Gabell and Associates offer a range of different design products to suit all budgets and needs. From a $350 hand drawn sketch through to a detailed computer generated design. Whether you intend to invest $5000 or $50,000 on your outdoor space, Mark Gabell and Associates will provide you with professional service from beginning to end. From design to completion we assist you in navigating the diverse range of landscaping products on the market today. We work together with our clients in partnership until you are completely satisfied with you outdoor space.This comes with landscape Victoria membership, Registered building contractor, and Master tradesmen member.

Landscape Construction

A great design is crucial as a starting point for any garden, but transferring that image to a real life landscape is where the fun begins. All staff at MG & A’s have a passion for construction. We know a good garden takes time to construct and we understand the costs involved. We can ensure excellent construction practices and attention to detail on all jobs, big or small. This is essential if a garden is to stand the test of time. We constantly keep the client informed throughout the construction process, making sure the client is happy and understands the evolving garden. There are basically two elements to landscape construction; hard and soft landscaping. The hard landscaping / construction such as paving, walls and timber structures make up the bones of the garden. With a smart choice of materials at this early stage we can ensure that the elements remain constant throughout the life of the garden.

The soft landscaping / construction is also just as important as the hard construction works and is often not given the attention it deserves. The plants will ultimately become the focus of the garden with the ever changing growth and colours bringing the landscape to life. The soft landscaping takes time and careful planning but will eventually become the “wow” factor of any good design. This can only be achieved by giving plants the conditions they require; good quality soils, irrigation, mulches, fertilisers and regular smart maintenance. At MGA we offer an ongoing maintenance program for your garden with seasonal checkups. A well-constructed and maintained landscaped garden can not only add value to your home but add value to your life. We would love to build you a garden!
This comes with landscape Victoria membership, Registered building contractor, and Master tradesmen member.